Who We Are

Athena's Mission is to Help Save Lives with Technology

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Headquartered in Austin, Texas and reaching around the globe, the team at Athena Security is committed to creating a safer world since the company was founded in 2018.  The innovative, experienced, and driven people of Athena Security are constantly striving for more effective, and reliable solutions. 

Athena Security began as the answer to one simple question:  What can we do to make our world a safer place for our families, friends, and neighbors?  Chris Ciabarra, Co-founder and CTO, and Lisa Falzone, Co-founder and CEO, like so many others, were troubled by the increasing levels of violence across the country.  Their answer is Athena Security.  Lisa is a mom, an entrepreneur, and an innovative problem solver.  Chris is a visionary technologist, and product developer. Together, they created and brought to the market Athena’s entryway security solutions.  

Far more sophisticated than other entryway checkpoint security systems, Athena’s Entryway Security Solution is able to spot even concealed weapons and instantly send alerts to designated individuals.  It can differentiate between harmless personal items, and weapons like pistols, long guns, or knives. Then, the system can send images to security personnel, making them more fully prepared for a potential threat.  

 When Covid-19 began, Lisa, Chris, and the President, Michael Green, created and launched highly accurate human elevated temperature screen products and symptom screening apps.  Through positive collaboration and leading-edge innovation, they were able to reimagine the high resolution infrared thermal cameras that had been originally  designed to detect weapons to identify and report an individual who had an elevated temperature – a possible indicator of viral infection.  Once again, the team at Athena Security worked to apply what they knew to provide a nimble and effective response to a global threat.  

The Athena Security team is eager to share their Entryway Health and Security Suite with the entire world.  It combines their Concealed Object Detection System, Walk-Through Metal Detector, Elevated Temperature Detection System, and Symptom Screening that allows fast and frictionless walk-through efficiency.  No need for all the old friction points like divesting keys, belts, phones, etc.  The system checks temperature and detects weapons as individuals walk through, ignoring non-threatening items.  If there are no possible threats detected, individuals continue without delay.  All parties benefit. It’s less intrusive and faster for customers. It’s less expensive for businesses. 

Social Responsiblility

While Athena Security's technology provides a never before ability to mitigate threats with computer vision and AId, it's also important to be socially responsible with such new technology that could be linked to racial, ethnic, and religious profiling. Athena has proactively taken the necessary steps to eliminate profiling of any sort by masking and blurring out all subject faces and PII information in the system before the technology analyzes video, data streams from any technology for potential threats. While this happens instantaneously, the end result is that no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is tracked or distributed by Athena Security or its customers.

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