Athena’s Commitment
to Privacy

Athena Security creates safe solutions for complex challenges. Whether detecting firearms before they’re used or detecting heat in the time of a global pandemic – we’re building technology that protects our customers so they can protect their community.

As artificial intelligence-driven surveillance technology evolves, so does the necessity for effective guardrails. From the ground-up, Athena builds industry-leading solutions into our software to ensure data security and consumer privacy. It’s a responsibility we take seriously and why customers with the highest vetting standards⁠—from airports to hospitals⁠—choose Athena for fever detection technology.

While several of the safety and security protocols used at Athena are confidential to prevent circumvention by bad actors, we maintain strict privacy standards, including:

  • No facial recognition

Athena’s technology, whether gun detection or fever thermal imaging, is not designed to identify or record faces and other verifiable characteristics. We have carefully tailored this design limitation to provide consumers with peace of mind that when they’re passing through a fever detection pre-screening camera the analysis stops at their temperature and nothing more.

  • Domestic data security

The cameras sold by Athena and used commercially are fully National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) compliant. Our French manufactured chipset is best-in-class, and our software is engineered in the United States. Athena has repeatedly passed all customer vetting on NDAA compliance and is proud to be a Texas-based company.

  • False-positive prevention

COVID-19 is putting our nation and the world to the ultimate test. How can industry, government, and individuals work together, mobilize our best ideas and resources, and flatten the curve as quickly as possible? The American private sector is working around the clock...

As heat detection becomes more common across the nation, we realize both our customers and consumers will have questions about how thermal imaging works and we are always happy to answer them. Please contact us at for more information about how Athena is helping to stop the spread of fevers.