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Case Studies

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Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 11.16.47

People Counting



Casino security is a unique industry, at the intersection of physical and digital, optimizing for safety, fraud prevention, and the customer experience simultaneously.  Athena’s people counting device gives casino managers real time, highly specific reporting of what’s happening on the floor while protecting customer privacy.  It all starts at the entryway, counting every entrance and exit, and extends throughout the casino, making sure tables are properly staffed, and bathrooms aren’t being repurposed for illicit gatherings. 

People counting has been key for casinos even before recent COVID-related restrictions imposed occupancy limits, but it is only more relevant in 2021, as safe re-openings are top priority nationwide. Knowing how many people are on the floor determines everything from appropriate staffing levels to HVAC needs.

As buffet tables or different games become more and less crowded, real time tracking allows managers to be more strategic about where to send staffers, how often to refill trays, and where it might be getting a little warm without an A/C adjustment. Athena’s notification feature makes all of these adjustments easy to manage. Unlike traditional systems that require constant monitoring, Athena sends an alert as a crowd grows, so managers can focus on the task at hand, knowing they’ll be alerted when staffing changes are needed. 


LIDAR sensors, which are completely anonymous, also allow for security in places that otherwise don't allow digital monitoring, like restrooms. It’s not practical to staff a restroom attendant 24/7, but privacy regulations bar casinos from placing security cameras or audio monitors in such a private location. Athena’s anonymous sensors bypass all of these restrictions, while being able to notify managers if someone is in the restroom for longer than expected, or if too many visitors are in one stall, so security can intervene. 


Athena’s people counter is built to meet the specific needs of the casino industry, letting owners keep their customers safe and comfortable, with a great experience that will keep them coming back.

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At the Grocery Shop

Grocery Stores

Everyone needs groceries, yet everyone also needs to maintain social distancing in a limited-sized space.  Because of this predicament, many grocery stores have turned to people counting to monitor and limit how many people are in a store at one time.

If you've entered a grocery store recently, you've probably encountered a person at the entrance who tells you if you can or can't go in based on current store occupancy.


Rather than pay an employee to monitor max occupancy for  the day, grocery stores could leverage LiDAR people counting sensors [placed above the main entryway] that automatically measure how many people are in the store in real time by counting individuals as they enter and leave. This would provide significant ROI for grocery stores since they would no longer have to pay an employee to stand outside when he/she could be working inside the store instead. 

With Athena's people counting device, when a grocery store is close to max occupancy an alert is sent in real time via mobile or VMS system to the designated officials who can then close the entrance till more people exit.


Because the sensors don't have any cameras, they're completely anonymous so customers don't have to be concerned about their privacy. Likewise, without cameras Athena's sensors can be placed in grocery store bathrooms with alerts that are set up to notify managers when it needs to be cleaned after a predetermined number of people have used it. 

Grocery stores are an ideal used case for Athena's people counting device because they're typically small to mid-sized and typically crowded spaces. We've seen that grocery stores are already using people to monitor how many customers are in their store, so why not automate the process and use Athena's people counting device that'll save both time and manpower?