“Athena is the only company in the
market to provide a dual concealed  gun and temperature detection system.”

“We want to help businesses secure their entryways from threats - whether it's a concealed gun or a virus.”

- Chris Ciabarra Co-founder, CTO

What’s Included in a Dual Temperature and Gun Detection System

Dual Gun and
Temperature Detection

Athena's Dual Gun and Temperature Detection System functions similarly to our Concealed Gun Detection - it utilizes the same hardware and includes the software for our Temperature Detection System. The thermal imaging cameras convert the energy in the infrared wavelength into a visible light display; all objects above absolute zero emit thermal infrared energy, so thermal cameras can passively see all objects, regardless of ambient light. When there is a concealed object under a person's clothing, the thermal camera can possibly see the object, if the temperature differentiation is greater than the sensitivity of the imager. This technology is reliant on the difference in temperature of the object vs radiant infrared thermal emanating from the body printing on the clothing. The front thermal camera also then measures body temperature to detect if there's an elevated temperature. For this system we still utilize an iPad for the visual camera and computer, as well as an HSRP to maintain accuracy in ambient temperature.

How to Test Athena's Concealed Gun Detection System: First, record Ambient Temperature (Ie. air temperature); it works best in rooms 65 - 75 degrees F. Next, record the gun barrel temperature - we assume that the object is closer to the room temperature than human body temperature. Our system currently works with one layer of cotton or less.


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“Who knew that a virus would be the new gun, we had to be prepared.”

- Lisa Falzone

Co Founder/CEO, Athena Security

Software Features


Athena’s Elevated Temperature Detection System Can:

  • Send alerts from different cameras to a VMS system

  • Send alerts to a user that has control over multiple cameras

  • Send alerts from all cameras to one user

  • Create a group of users to send alerts

  • Add a camera to the management system

  • Use an Android App to receive alert notifications

  • Integrate into a third party API

  • Be deployed three ways: standalone, cloud, and on-prem

  • Auto-configure to read the blackbody in order to avoid manual calibration – touchless configuration

  • Use enterprise management alerts that can assign different cameras to different users, and one user can see all the alerts

  • Be configured from the cloud

  • Be configured to HIPPA-compliant settings

  • Be used as a SAAS (software as a service)

  • Upgrade and update automatically


Athena's Dual Gun and Temperature Detection System does not detect viruses. It detects elevated temperatures that could be related to having COVID-19 or another virus. It does not also stop the spread of the virus, but rather slows the spread as there are people who have COVID-19 but are asymptomatic that the system would therefore not pick up. Moreover, there are certain measures that must be taken to maintain accuracy for the gun detection element of our Dual Gun and Temperature Detection System: Subjects must come to a complete stop and raise their arms (to form a 'T') for best results. Furthermore, all jackets, hoodies, and outwear must be removed; the system's thermal sensitivity is only designed to work through one layer of cotton or less. It is meant for a normal indoor temperature range as well as climates conducive to metal guns to conduct the cold from the ambient temperature. The system is currently focused on the upper body and torso. If the camera frame is cut off, there is no chance in getting a detection. Additional thermal cameras are required for more full coverage. The accuracy of the system is currently 50-70% depending on the thickness of the clothing, how much blur there is due to movement, as well as the angle. of the weapon as it faces the camera.

Industries We Serve


We designed our Concealed Thermal Gun Detection to help mitigate gun violence. We need our government officials protected in order to serve their communities and country to the best of their ability.

Government Building


Schools are pivotal to our children's success, so opening them amidst a pandemic has been critical. We've partnered with schools across the country to screen their students in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner.



Athena's Gun and Temperature Detection System functions proficiently for penitentiaries where inmates are in close proximity and safety is an utmost priority



It's paramount that hospitals make sure those entering the hospital, who aren't patients, are healthy. We've deployed our system at hospitals across the country to maintain a high level of throughput for maximum efficiency at hospitals, even during the busiest hours. Moreover, because hospitals have to pay multiple people around the clock to screen temperatures with handheld thermometers, there is significant cost savings to using a thermal imaging system.



Convention Centers, with their large indoor spaces, are a likely place for the virus to spread. We've deployed our system at convention centers to mitigate as much risk as possible so people can come back together (while social distancing!).

Convention Centers