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Good AI Bolsters Security: By Streamlining Secondary Screening with Accuracy and Respect

Secondary screening process is a crucial step in ensuring safety at hospitals, airports, casinos, schools, government buildings, and other sensitive locations after a Weapons Detection System detects an object and visitor must be secondary screened. Traditionally, this process relied on well-trained security officers performing pat-downs and or hand wand processing. While effective, human error and discomfort can arise. Here’s where Artificial Intelligence (AI) steps in, offering a powerful tool to enhance secondary screening accuracy and maintain a respectful environment.

The U-Shape Method: Efficiency Meets Respect (Courtesy of DHS)

Homeland Security best practices has a new ally with Athena's AI that can make sure U-shape wand procedure is done correctly

The U-shape method is a recognized best practice by Homeland security for secondary screening. This approach involves the officer systematically scanning a person’s body in a U-shape pattern, starting from the top right shoulder and moving down the right side, reaching the bottom of the feet, then back up the left side, completing the “U.” This method offers several advantages:

  • Efficiency: The U-shape ensures a comprehensive scan without missing areas.

  • Accuracy: The systematic approach minimizes the risk of overlooking potential threats.

  • Respect: The U-shape avoids unnecessary physical contact, especially in sensitive areas like the groin or chest

Your Team Has a New Partner with Athena’s Patented AI Helping You

u-shape-hand-wand-Good-AI showing you how Athena can assist with such procedures.

Athena’s Patented AI can be a valuable asset in secondary screening by assisting officers in performing the U-shape method correctly. Here’s how:

  • Real-time Guidance: AI can be integrated into a wearable system or tablet, visually guiding the officer through the U-shape pattern. Subtle prompts or visual overlays can ensure they don’t deviate from the proper technique.

  • Error Detection and Correction: AI can analyze the officer’s movements during the pat-down. If the system detects deviations from the U-shape, it can provide immediate audio or visual alerts, allowing for course correction.

  • Training Reinforcement: Data collected by AI can be used to identify areas where officers might need additional training on the U-shape method. This allows for targeted training programs, improving overall screening consistency.

Benefits Beyond Accuracy

The advantages of AI-assisted U-shape screening extend beyond just improved accuracy.

  • Reduced Risk of Lawsuits: The U-shape method’s respectful approach minimizes physical contact, potentially reducing situations where a person feels violated, leading to legal action.

  • Enhanced Passenger Experience: A faster, more streamlined screening process with clear guidelines contributes to a smoother experience for passengers.

The Future of Security: Collaboration is Key

Good AI is not meant to replace security officers; it’s designed to empower them. By providing real-time guidance and ensuring adherence to best practices, AI strengthens the effectiveness of secondary screening. This collaborative approach fosters a future of security that is both accurate and respectful.

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