Health Survey Integration


Athena recognizes the need for a comprehensive and thorough process to allow people to enter your building safely. Moreover as a business, it’s your responsibility to protect your employees and visitors, and many states across the country either recommend or require a health screening. This is why Athena has created a health survey that works seamlessly with our elevated temperature detection system to provide a completely automated and touchless screening process for your business.

How it Works


An employee or guest certifies they're healthy by doing the following:

  • He/she goes up to a health survey station and responds to  a contactless, voice-activated questionnaire regarding if they’ve experienced symptoms

  • Next, the employee or visitor physically walks through the temperature safety check

  • There is an automatic notification alert if an employee or visitor fails the health survey or if an  elevated temperature is detected

The features of Athena’s Health Survey include:

  • Prepopulated with CDC questions

  • Requires an active response from the user

  • Questions are customizable to preferences

  • Ability to edit notification preferences

  • Ability to store and review