Athena Weapons Detection System Software

New Weapons Detection System Released

As Our CEO Lisa Falzone announced last week, we are excited to announce our product finalization of concealed weapon detection. This product provides a greater return on investment than traditional metal detectors. For starters, traditional metal detectors detect metal or no metal with varying degrees of sensitivity. The Athena System lets harmless objects such as keys, cell phones, and wallets go through, and still catches guns. This alone is a huge innovation because you don’t have to have the crowd stop and divest and you don’t have to station someone managing the divestment process next to a walk-through metal detector.

Aesthetically, it is more pleasing as well because that divestiture table and typical large walk-through metal detector make your place of business, worship, or school look like a jail and not an inviting place. Traditional metal detection can remind people of crimes. The poles can be covered and are much less obtrusive than huge panel systems and much less labor-intensive and intrusive than the traditional wand system. The poles combined with an iPad and a tiny thermal camera make it a very aesthetically pleasing and even friendly and welcoming system.

Also, unlike traditional walk-through metal detectors, the Athena System has connected this system to the cloud and has automated the system to give a visual or thermal alert when someone walks through the system that may have a potential weapon. This helps enhance the security officer’s job and can help them manage more than one entryway or lane at a time. Athena’s software capabilities also extend to access control integration and VMS integrations.

We have designed and now sell a next-generation end-to-end software and hardware weapons detection system. Download our app from the apple app store called “Weapons Detection System“. app.

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