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Preparation For Install For Entryway Security System: Space Planning, Dimensions, and Requirements

Entryway Security setup at airport install

  1. Select Suitable Site
  2. Power Options
  3. Connectivity Options

Suitable Site

A suitable site for your entryway security system for gun detection and temperature is a location that can be inside or outside that is free from mechanical and electrical noise. The mechanical noise is moving metal like a sliding or swinging door. Electrical noise is unwanted interference with the calibration of the unit. When the entryway security system pillars self-calibrates for 60 seconds during start-up when the entryway security device is powered on, the gun detection pillars can tolerate low level stable electrical noise. Make sure Pillars are 34″ apart when turning on.

Entryway Security Product Dimensions and Space Planning.pdf

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Note: phased or high-AC power wires like an air conditioner unit that turns on and off, may interfere with the operation of the gun detection pillars. The solution is simply moving farther away from the noise, so the space requirement to operate the entryway security system is to provide enough air and insulation so that there are no swinging doors or AC units next to the entryway security device.

Selecting the best place for entryway security is very dependent on the use case, so this guide is giving options and minimums for viability.

4’ x 6’ is the minimum space requirement to deploy a screening, like in a vestibule where the doors swing away from the entryway secuirty unit. This minimum size is the technical requirement to give a Pass/Fail through the entryway security device.

6’ x 8’ or larger gives more operating room and should be considered what is recommended. Of course the operational security methods deployed also should be considered, so that the entryway security resources have enough space to do their job. Secondary screening tables can be immediately next to the unit, but should not be within 36 inches of the poles of the unit.

Distance needed from the Apple iPad to the entryway security pillars should be between 4′ to 12′ feet away. The Apple iPad with thermal camera should be at a height of 4′ to 10′ feet in the air.

Entryway Security pillars with iPad setup

Entryway Security pillars with iPad setup

PLEASE NOTE 1: 36 inches around each of the poles needs to be mechanical and electrical noise free.

PLEASE NOTE 2: Multiple adjacent entryway security gun detection units need to be at least 3 feet away from each other, and the handles need to face the opposite direction of adjacent units. If units are adjacent and over 5 feet away from each other, than the units do not need to be turned 180 degrees.

Is this a permanent location or a temporary one? The default is battery poles with suction cup bottoms and the ipad/thermal camera on a plug and tripod with a wifi connection or cabled ethernet connection. Most permanent locations will get network cable to the ipad, and each pole and the ipad (3 total plugs) will be needed. The poles can be mounted to the floor with a base plate, and the default is suction cups, and the ipad/thermal camera is recommended to be mounted on the ceiling or wall. Many customers start with the default portable configuration, and then decide where to permanently locate it.

Three Power Configuration Options

All Battery

All 110 regular plug

Poles on Battery and Thermal Camera/Ipad Pro on Plug

Please select at ordering.

The Athena Entryway Security System is easily Transportable, portable, and can be totally wireless. The poles are less than 35lbs and camera/ipad less than 5lbs, and can be carried by any adult who can lift 35 lbs. Setup is less than 10 minutes whether on battery or plug.

Internet Connection Options

Network Cable


The real-time analytics, and alerts available through the Athena Platform. The solution needs to be connected through the iPad to the wireless wifi option or a network cable connection.

Apple iPad dimension for entryway security

Apple iPad dimension for entryway security

Entryway Security pillar dimensions guide

Entryway Security pillar dimensions

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