“Having these scanners has been a major game-changer for us.”

- Greg Haralson, CEO of Memorial Hermann Hospital Southwest

Athena’s Elevated Temperature Detection

Athena’s Elevated Temperature Detection System identifies elevated body temperature in a fast, frictionless, and contactless screening. It’s a turnkey solution with complete hardware and software, and is highly accurate (+-0.2℃ accuracy) with an HSRP (Heat Source Reference Point/ Blackbody).

The system can process the temperatures of over 2,000 people per hour and is able to send proactive alerts so you could be anywhere in the world and receive an alert in real time. Athena currently integrates with major VMS, Office Management Software, and Access Control companies such as Envoy, Avigilon, Genetec, Milestone, and Salient.

Furthermore, Athena exceeds the FDA’s guidelines of +-0.5℃ accuracy and also is NDAA compliant. Our system is non-invasive and works by detecting an individual’s face, ignoring hot spots such as lights or hot objects such as a cell phone or coffee. The individual then looks at the camera, and the system detects the hottest point on the face, the inner canthus, which most closely correlates with basal body temperature (when not experiencing a fever).

Athena is best utilized as the first of a two checkpoint system, where an elevated temperature that could be a fever is then confirmed by a second FDA-approved medical thermometer.


Athena's Elevated Temperature Detection
System and FDA Guidelines

Athena Meets or Exceeds All of the FDA’s Recommendations
for Thermal Imaging Systems

  • When used correctly, thermal imaging systems generally have been shown to accurately measure someone’s surface skin temperature without being physically close to the person being evaluated. Thermal imaging systems offer certain benefits in that other methods need a closer proximity or contact to measure temperature (for example, non-contact infrared thermometers or oral thermometers)… The FDA specifies accuracy of +-0.5 ℃ and recommends that the device also includes an accurate blackbody temperature reference source.                                                                        

  • Thermal imaging systems have not been shown to be accurate when used to take the temperature of multiple people at the same time. The accuracy of these systems depends on careful set-up and operation, as well as proper preparation of the person being evaluated.                                             

  • These systems work effectively only when all the following are true: The systems are used in the right environment or location. The systems are set up and operated correctly. The person being assessed is prepared according to instructions. And finally, the person handling the thermal imaging system is properly trained.

  • Athena exceeds the FDA’s guidelines, with accuracy of +-0.2 ℃ with our HSRP/blackbody that continuously recalibrates in ambient conditions to maintain certainty in temperature measurements. Also, one considerable benefit of our system is that it abides by social distancing guidelines, as there is no need for a screener to manually take an individual’s temperature.                                                                                 

  • Athena screens individuals one-at-a-time as they enter a building because we recognize that mass screening is ineffective and unsafe.                                                                

  • We ensure that you set up the Athena system in the appropriate location – indoors, away from windows, air vents, etc., which could alter temperature readings. Athena is essentially a ‘plug and play’ system. We send the device preconfigured with our software so once it’s set up, it’s ready to use. While the FDA states that individuals need to remove their masks, the Athena system was built to function with masks, as well as without. And we do not require an operator for our system, but will help teach the designated officials the ins and outs of the system at installation.

What’s included in Athena’s Elevated
Temperature Detection System


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Enterprise+ System

We created the Enterprise+ System to function as the gold standard of temperature screening kiosks currently in the market. It leverages a 384pixel single lense camera, which means it can be placed 6-15 feet from the individual being scanned. The Enterprise+ System utilizes an iPad, which serves as both the visual camera to detect an individual’s face, as well as the computer, which runs Athena’s software. We’re currently the only company in the market implementing an iPad to centralize and streamline the system. The Enterprise+ System also includes an HSRP/blackbody device, as recommended by the FDA to maintain accuracy in ambient temperatures.

Medical-Grade System

Athena’s Medical-Grade System utilizes a 384pixel single lens camera and Axis Visual Camera to screen temperatures in hospital and business settings alike. Dissimilar to the iPad, the Medical-Grade system includes an Axis Visual Camera that detects an individual’s face, and an AI Box that serves as the computer of the system. A Monitor with speakers is included to display the results of every screening, and an iPad is optional if the customer would like the results projected for the individual to see. Similar to the other two Elevated Temperature Detection Systems, the Medical-Grade System utilizes an HSRP in order to keep the system accurate.


Software Features


Athena’s Elevated Temperature Detection System Can:

  • Send alerts from different cameras to a VMS system

  • Send alerts to a user that has control over multiple cameras

  • Send alerts from all cameras to one user

  • Create a group of users to send alerts

  • Add a camera to the management system

  • Use an Android App to receive alert notifications

  • Integrate into a third party API

  • Be deployed three ways: standalone, cloud, and on-prem

  • Auto-configure to read the blackbody in order to avoid manual calibration – touchless configuration

  • Use enterprise management alerts that can assign different cameras to different users, and one user can see all the alerts

  • Be configured from the cloud

  • Be configured to HIPPA-compliant settings

  • Be used as a SAAS (software as a service)

  • Upgrade and update automatically

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Industries We Serve


When COVID-19 broke out in the United States, the airline industry suffered immensely. Multiple airports have therefore purchased Athena’s Elevated Temperature Detection System to mitigate risk and assure their customers they’re doing everything possible to keep them safe.



Schools are pivotal to our children's success, so opening them amidst a pandemic has been critical. We've partnered with schools across the country to screen their students in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner.



In order to keep everyone safe, we need our governments, whether local, state, or federal, to be operational, which is challenging when government officials, tasked with manually screening individuals, become ill with COVID-19. We've partnered with numerous governments to keep their people safe - so they can help keep the rest of us safe.

Local/State/Federal Governments


It's paramount that hospitals make sure those entering the hospital, who aren't patients, are healthy. We've deployed our system at hospitals across the country to maintain a high level of throughput for maximum efficiency at hospitals, even during the busiest hours. Moreover, because hospitals have to pay multiple people around the clock to screen temperatures with handheld thermometers, there is significant cost savings to using a thermal imaging system.



Convention Centers, with their large indoor spaces, are a likely place for the virus to spread. We've deployed our system at convention centers to mitigate as much risk as possible so people can come back together (while social distancing!).

Convention Centers


With temperature screenings either recommended or mandated in most states across the U.S., restaurant employers must decide how/if to screen their employees. We've worked with numerous restaurants who screen their employees (and sometimes their customers) to maintain a safe dining experience.



If you have over 100 employees, it's cost-effective to use a thermal imaging system over handheld thermometers. Athena has worked with businesses across the country, ranging from less than a hundred employees at mid-size businesses, to thousands of employees at Fortune 500 corporations.

Medium - Large-sized Businesses

To Read More About the Efficacy of
Athena’s Elevated Temperature Detection
System, Read our White Paper

“Thermal Screening White Paper: Athena Security Compared to
Medical-Grade Thermometers,” which Includes a Medical Study
Published in Cambridge University Press”


Athena's Temperature Detection System does not detect viruses. It detects elevated temperatures that could be related to having COVID-19 or another virus. It also does not stop the spread of the virus, but rather slows the spread as there are people who have COVID-19 but are asymptomatic that the system would therefore not pick up.