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Re-Thinking The Entryway And Exterior Threats: Security Screening Before Ticketing

Event and venue security experts regularly revisit vulnerabilities from risk assessments, and organizations put the budget behind the security products, services, and security operations required to provide the expected level of security. Humans are creative and would-be-perpetrators may still find venues as attractive targets, so security must stay ever vigilant of imagining the next threat.

Security experts are currently considering the vulnerabilities of lines outside the venue, as a new soft target–now that entryways have been hardened, there is more screening, at more locations, and less unauthorized access possible. The Department of Homeland Security and many experts are considering options for the outer perimeter threats, as the new weakest point.

Over the last decade, venues have increased surveillance, and worked diligently on only allowing authorized individuals in authorized areas. Public safety multi-stakeholder meetings between public agencies, collaboration with private security organizations, and public-private partnerships have all come together to continue improvements to information sharing, in order to better understand and mitigate threats.

Many events and venues still require a ticket after, patrons have gone through a security screening process. Especially with the improvements of modern weapon screening products that maintain higher flow rates, all patrons should be security screened after ticketing for two reasons: First, it pushes out the physical perimeter. And second, it reduces lines which are a known vulnerability. Reduce the lines at the perimeter because these lines represent soft targets.

Ticketing often used to take place after security but now, with new up-to-date, newer technologies like weapons detection systems this method of operating your ticketing causes a huge line at security screening since most new Weapons Detection Systems allow faster entry into an event then ever before. If you have ticketing after security screening that can cause a backup in ticketing which could flow into the security line halting all traffic. Newer event planning strategies are now putting ticketing before security screening since the security screening is no longer a holdup and no reason to have a line anymore. Get your patrons in your event faster by placing ticketing before security screening.

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