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Athena's Visitor Management System, "Entrance Pass", has just been released with a digital pass and printer.  This allows patients and visitors to enter with more information at their finger tips than ever before. The Visitor Management System will allow your patients and visitors to enter your facility fast and frictionless while maintaining a high level of security at your entranceway.  Having a VIstor Management system that can talk to your Weapons Detection System is key for security. 

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Protect your employees and customers while saving the one thing you cannot buy.  Athena was started to help save lives. Please join us and let's create a safer world. 

Athena Weapons Detection System


3rd Party integrations that connect to security systems to help your teams run your operations more efficiently.

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Athena's Entryway Security system finds concealed weapons up to ten times faster than legacy metal detectors while helping you automate compliance.



Our system passes the federal standards test from NIJ 0601.02.  This means it catches the weapons 100% of the time when you choose a security standard setting.  With a low false positive rate, you can expect safety without compromise

Visitor Management System

With Entrance Pass

Room Counts

Limit and track patients and visitors to rooms.

Faster Visitor Entry

Scan patients or visitors drivers licenses to pull all info of your patients and visitors in fast and low friction.

Detect Minors

Scanning a Government ID we are able to identify if the person is under 21 or under 18 to notify for different reasons like if a minor.

Guide Visitors with Maps

Send a digital pass with directions to visitors and patients' cell phones or they can print it out on the printer if they don't have a cell phone.

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Athena Thanks You,

For Helping Make The World A Safer Place

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