Temperature Detection



 Meets or Exceeds FDA Guidelines

“Having these scanners has been a major game-changer for us.”

- Greg Haralson, CEO of Memorial Hermann Hospital Southwest

Athena’s Elevated Body Temperature Checking System identifies elevated body temperature in a fast, frictionless, and contactless screening. It’s a turnkey solution with complete hardware and software and is highly accurate (+-0.2℃ accuracy) with an HSRP (Heat Source Reference Point/ Blackbody).

Athena's Temperature Checking System can process the temperatures of over 2,000 people per hour. It's non-invasive and works by detecting an individual’s face, ignoring hot spots such as lights or hot objects such as a cell phone or coffee. Athena is best utilized as the first of a two checkpoint system, where an elevated temperature that could be a fever is then confirmed by a second FDA-approved medical thermometer.

Athena's Elevated Temperature Detection
System and FDA Guidelines

Athena Meets or Exceeds All of the FDA’s Recommendations for Thermal Imaging Systems

FDA Guidelines Temperature


Enterprise+ System

The Enterprise+ System leverages a 384pixel single lens thermal camera, so it can be placed 6-15 feet from the individual being scanned. It uses an iPad that serves as both the visual camera and the computer that runs Athena's software. The system also includes an HSRP/blackbody device to maintain accuracy in ambient temperatures.

Medical-Grade System

The Medical-grade System also uses a 384pixel single lens thermal camera, so it can be placed 6-15 feet from the individual being scanned. Unlike the iPad system, it includes an Axis visual camera, AI Box, a monitor, and speakers. The Medical-grade system also includes an HSRP/blackbody device to keep it accurate. 

Software Features

Athena’s Elevated Temperature Detection System Can:

  • Send alerts from different cameras to a VMS system

  • Send alerts to a user that has control over multiple cameras

  • Send alerts from all cameras to one user

  • Create a group of users to send alerts

  • Add a camera to the management system

  • Use an Android App to receive alert notifications

  • Integrate into a third party API

  • Be deployed three ways: standalone, cloud, and on-prem

  • Auto-configure to read the blackbody in order to avoid manual calibration – touchless configuration

  • Use enterprise management alerts that can assign different cameras to different users, and one user can see all the alerts

  • Be configured from the cloud

  • Be configured to HIPPA-compliant settings

  • Be used as a SAAS (software as a service)

  • Upgrade and update automatically

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To Read More About the Efficacy of
Athena’s Elevated Temperature Detection
System, Read our White Paper

“Thermal Screening White Paper: Athena Security Compared to
Medical-Grade Thermometers,” which Includes a Medical Study
Published in Cambridge University Press”


Athena's Temperature Detection System does not detect viruses. It detects elevated temperatures that could be related to having COVID-19 or another virus. It also does not stop the spread of the virus, but rather slows the spread as there are people who have COVID-19 but are asymptomatic that the system would therefore not pick up.


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