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Complies with the Federal NIJ 0601.02 Security Standard For Metal Detectors

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Secure Your Entryway with Athena's Weapons Detection System

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Visual light weapons detection
Walk through metal detector weapons detection system

Elevated Temperature Detection

Visual Weapons Detection

Weapons Detection System / Walkthrough Metal Detector

Key Features

Real-Time Alert Platform

Athena sends proactive alerts in real time to the designated officials if a weapon is detected. By integrating with VMS, Access Control, and Office Management Software companies, Athena centralizes all relevant information.

Screening is fast

Athena's weapons and temperature detection systems allow for an individual to be screened without them needing to stop, or remove anything from their person.

Highly Accurate

Passes 100% of federal standard NIJ0601.02 standard

Core Technology


Proprietary Neural Networks

Our neural networks have been developed from scratch by PhDs in the fields of deep learning and computer vision.

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Muti Sensors

Sensors from CEIA OPENGATE and APPLE iPad Pro.  Hardware uses highly accurate sensors to detect weapons 


Flexible Enterprise Configuration

Athena can be configured as a stand-alone unit, enterprise cloud, or with an enterprise on premise server.

Why We’re Different

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Integrates with Access Control,
Office Management Software
and VMS Companies

Athena has partnered with access control and office management software companies such as Envoy to integrate into companies’ existing badge-in systems. Envoy partners with numerous access control companies such as Kisi, S2, Proxy, Openpath, Brivo, Lenel, and others. We have also partnered with VMS Companies such as Avigilon, Genetec, Milestone, and Salient to integrate with their current VMS system. Our alerts can be sent directly to either desktop browser or IOS/Android. Athena’s focus on integration stems from the drive to create an automated and seamless experience for our clients to help them protect their employees and customers.

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Only Weapons Detection System that with real-time alerts and that complies with NIJ0601.02 standard while allowing everyday items through the system.

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Walk Through Metal Detector, Visual Gun and Temperature Detection

 We are the only company in the market with the ability to provide a dual threat detection system: one that can identify elevated temperatures and identify both visible and concealed weapons. By including OPENGATE poles, the system is capable of detecting guns that are hidden under clothing. Just like temperature detection, if a gun is in fact detected, the system sends out a real-time alert to the designated officials.

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