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Key Features of
Walk Through Metal Detector

Proactive Alert


Don't Stop

Athena sends proactive alerts to the designated officials if an elevated temperature is detected. By integrating with VMS, Access Control, and Office Management Software companies, Athena centralizes all relevant information.

Passes 100% of the federal standard

Athena's walk through metal detector works just like our temperature detection system where you can just walk through with out stopping and leave your cell phone or personal items with you while using the system.

Unique Core Technology of
Walk Through Metal Detector


Proprietary Neural

Our neural networks have been developed from scratch by PhDs in the field of deep learning and computer vision.


Designed with 
Thermal sensor

We designed our hardware using highly accurate thermal cameras to detect temperatures along with the HSRP (blackbody) device for fluctuations in ambient conditions.


Flexible Configuration
for Enterprises

Athena can be configured as a stand-alone unit, enterprise cloud, or with an enterprise on premise server.

How Elevated Temperature Detection Works

1 Deploy Elevated Temperature Detection

Athena’s enterprise solution is ready to be deployed upon arrival; as a plug and play system it automatically calibrates and configures itself - there is no need for an operator once it’s set up.

Temperature Detection System for checking temperatures

2 Determine Compliance Settings

Athena’s Elevated Temperature Detection System is entirely configurable to your company’s compliance needs. You can choose whether to show the actual temperature, or just “Normal” or “High Temperature” as people walk through the system, as well as pick the type of alert to sound, either visual, audio, or both.

3 Elevated Temperature Detected

When an elevated temperature is detected, Athena sends a real-time alert to your designated official via browser, mobile, email, or SMS regardless of his or her location.


Why We’re Different

Integrates with Access Control,
Office Management Software
and VMS Companies

Athena has partnered with access control and office management software companies such as Envoy to integrate into companies’ existing badge-in systems. Envoy partners with numerous access control companies such as Kisi, S2, Proxy, Openpath, Brivo, Lenel, and others. We have also partnered with VMS Companies such as Avigilon, Genetec, Milestone, and Salient to integrate with companies’ already-existing VMS system. Our alerts can be sent directly to either desktop browser or IOS/Android. Athena’s integration efforts derive from our aim to create an automated and seamless experience for our clients to help them protect their employees.


Athena prioritizes compliance because we understand the importance of adhering to state and local government guidelines. Athena exceeds FDA guidelines of ±0.5°C accuracy for thermal imaging systems with an accuracy of ±0.2°C, and also screens people individually rather than in crowds, as the FDA has stated that this method is unreliable. We are also NDAA compliant, which has allowed us to work with the Federal Government, including the U.S. Army and Airforce, as well as HIPAA compliant through our compliance configuration options, which provides companies the ability to obscure actual temperature and only indicate either “Normal” or “High.”

Walk Through Metal Detector, Visual Gun and Temperature Detection

We are the only company in the market to provide a dual threat detection system to identify both elevated temperatures potentially related to COVID-19, as well as visible and concealed guns that could be a signal of an imminent shooting. By including a second thermal camera, the system is capable of detecting guns that are hidden under clothing. Just like temperature detection, if a gun is in fact detected, the system sends out an alert to the designated officials.

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