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The Athena Weapons Detection System


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Athena Security’s Weapons Detection System  powered by CEIA OPENGATE is a groundbreaking Weapons Detection System Software designed for faster screening of people with their backpacks, purses, and bags, etc., for the detection of a large variety/number of ferrous and non-ferrous threats, such as high-caliber assault weapons. Athena’s WDS now has best practices by Homeland Security built-in to help your organization stay in compliance.

The Weapons Detection System /WDS is made up of OPENGATE ® an HD active walkthrough metal detection and induction, lidar (optional thermal camera), a visual camera, Patented artificial intelligence technologies that help your officers run the weapons detection system by following Homeland Security’s best practices, a controller tablet, and a monitor tablet.  The system can be set up outdoors and easily transported for event security or conveniently situated permanently in an indoor space.

The system adheres to the Federal Standard while allowing both auditory and visual real time alert options, as seen in the best practices of Homeland Security for Weapons Detection Systems / Walk Through Metal Detectors. 

The Athena’s concealed weapons detection system is designed to scan people walking at average speed through the on weapons detection system and toward the Controller tablet.  The weapon detection controller tablet optionally displays “CLEAR” if no threat is detected or “Object Detected” if the weapons detection system detects a potential threat on an individual. Upon potential threat detection, a configurable real time alarm process is set in motion.

Our Patented weapons detection software alerts the officer of threats and Homeland Security’s best practices if they missed a process when scanning a visitor. Like having an extra pair of eye’s on the entryway to help keep weapons out of your facility.

Homeland Security Best Practices for weapons detection systems

Discover how Athena Security’s AI empowers your team to seamlessly align with DHS best practices. Our weapons detection system incorporates robust controls to ensure secure and  efficient security screening.  Read on to find out more:

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DHS 14.2.2 Prohibited Items Log – Ensuring Compliance and Evidence Tracking For Weapons Detection Systems

DHS guidelines for weapons detection systems  emphasize the importance of maintaining a detailed and structured log of prohibited items. This log must contain evidence to support security decisions.

IRR report with images for incident response for your weapons detection system. Learn how the prohibited item log can keep your organization in compliance had out of legal battles.
DHS 14.2.2 Prohibited Items Log

Athena Security’s Weapons Detection System streamlines prohibited item logging for accountability and thorough documentation:

  • Customizable Input Forms: Design forms that align with your specific security needs. Capture essential details like item description, location, date/time, and any relevant images or videos for comprehensive evidence.

  • Flexible Access: Officers can log prohibited items directly from the field using the operator tablet or administrators can access the forms via a secure browser for ease of use.

  • Data Centralization: Logs are stored securely, allowing for easy retrieval, analysis, and auditing as needed, demonstrating compliance and supporting security investigations or reviews.

Benefits Beyond Documentation

Athena’s Weapons Detection System logging  goes beyond meeting regulations:

  • Improved Incident Response: Detailed logs inform immediate action for removing prohibited items and addressing potential threats.
  • Trend Analysis: Weapons Detection Logs provide insights into recurring issues, facilitating proactive security adjustments.
  • Legal Protection: Robust documentation of prohibited items protects your organization in case of legal challenges

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DHS 14.2.1 Illegal Items – Notification Procedures For Weapons Detection Systems

DHS guidelines for weapons detection systems state that “screening procedures should specify that the discovery of illegal items should immediately prompt notification of supervisory staff.”

Athena Security’s Weapons Detection Solution

Athena’s Weapons Detection System has Real-Time Alerts empower your security team to comply with this requirement seamlessly. Our advanced weapons detection system enables:

  • Instant Supervisory Notification: Upon discovery of a confirmed illegal item, supervisors are automatically alerted, allowing for a swift and appropriate response.
  • Flexible Alert Delivery: Notifications can be tailored to your workflow, reaching supervisors via Security Operation Centers, mobile apps, computers, Video Management Systems (VMS), Access Control Systems, and other integrated business software.
  • Proactive Response Planning: Most clients configure the system to send alerts after confirmation by security personnel to a predetermined escalation path. Alerts include location, date/time stamp, and images for swift action.
Weapons Detection System alert

DHS 8.2 Testing and Documentation for Weapons Detection System Compliance

DHS 8.2 Testing and Documentation for Weapons Detection System Compliance
DHS 8.2 Testing and Documentation for Weapons Detection System Compliance

DHS 8.2 emphasizes the criticality of regular WDS (Weapons Detection System) testing and documentation to ensure optimal performance and reliable threat detection.

The Importance of Testing and Documentation:

  • Equipment Verification: Testing confirms that your WDS systems are installed correctly and functioning properly as per manufacturer specifications.
  • Security Standards: Regular testing and documentation demonstrate compliance with DHS guidelines, a key aspect of any localized security plan.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Documentation tracks performance history, revealing any declining trends and facilitating timely maintenance.

Athena Security’s WDS Test Function and Report

To streamline this process, Athena Security offers a comprehensive solution:

  • Guided Testing: The WDS test function walks security staff through standardized testing procedures, minimizing errors and ensuring correct execution.
  • Automatic Documentation: Test results, including location, date, time, and pass/fail status, are logged automatically for easy access and auditing.
  • Management Insights: Clear reports provide supervisors and management with an overview of testing schedules, results, and any necessary follow-up actions.

Secondary Screening: AI-Powered Accuracy and Compliance Monitoring


Key Requirement: DHS 8.5 mandates well-defined secondary screening protocols for individuals who set off WTMD/WDS (Walk-Through Metal Detector/Weapons Detection System) alarms, ensuring thorough security measures.

The Role of AI in Procedure Monitoring

Athena Security’s AI Patented Assistance system elevates compliance and accuracy in several ways:

  • Real-Time Procedure Verification:

      • The system monitors officers during secondary screenings, ensuring strict adherence to best practices of rescanning individuals   (or your organization’s preferred procedure).
    • Highlight how this minimizes variations and potential oversights.
  • Deviation Alerts:

    • Immediate alerts are sent if officers deviate from the standard protocol, prompting on-the-spot corrections.
    • Emphasize how this promotes consistency and reinforces training.
  • Data-Driven Accountability:

    • Collects data on screening practices, identifying trends, potential training gaps, and individual performance.
    • Explain that this empowers management to oversee compliance and provide targeted support.

Beyond Security: Benefits for Your Organization

  • Compliance Assurance: Demonstrate due diligence in adhering to DHS best practices.
  • Legal Safeguards: Rigorous documentation of secondary screening procedures helps mitigate potential liability.
  • Quality Control: Data insights enable continuous improvement of screening protocols and officer training.
  • Visitor Experience: Consistent, well-executed procedures create a smoother and less intrusive screening process.

Are secondary screening procedures being followed? Athena Security’s AI-powered tools provide the answer. Contact us to learn how this proactive monitoring ensures compliance and enhances security.


AI-Powered Evasion Detection: Enforcing Security Protocols

Evasion Detection with Athena's A.I. Patented Tech to help catch visitor trying to evade the system. top left is what A.I. looks like when a person evades a system and bottom right is what officer will see on the screen if A.I. catches someone.

Description: Our patented AI technology actively eliminates security blind spots with AI that monitors for evasive movement around the WTMD. This ensures comprehensive screening and reinforces compliance with established procedures. Alerts are instantly triggered, ensuring no individual can circumvent your security screening process

  • Customization: Flexibility to adjust alert types (audible, visual, etc.) that best suit your workflow.
  • Integration: These alerts can integrate with other systems (access control, etc.) for streamlined responses.

Athena's Weapons Detection System* processes and screens people faster than hand wanding and legacy walk through metal detectors while helping you automate compliance with real-time alerts while screening your customers.


This system adheres to the NILECJ-STD-0601.00 Level 1 and 2 Security Standard.


3rd Party integrations that connect to access control systems, and VMS systems to help your teams run your operations for WDS and walk-through metal detectors more efficiently.

Removing prohibited weapons from your environment improves safety. Help make the world a safer place with Athena Weapons Detection System. Learn more from these videos.

The Athena WDS Cloud Control Center

The Controller tablet transmits the alert data to the Athena Cloud Control Center which gives you the flexibility to add 3rd parties’ connections and offers analytics to help you understand your Weapons Detection System

 The Athena Control Center is made up of:


  1. Real-Time Alerts.
  2. Real-Time Alert Resolution.
  3. Digitized Incident Reporting.
  4. Prompt & Automate Compliance Documentation.
  5. Reports and Analytics.
  6. Guard Check-In.
  7. Enterprise User Management.
  8. Pre-built API Integrations.

Real Time Alerting Abilities

Real-Time Alerts

Real-time image transmission to a browser, mobile app, and other 3rd party integrations. Alerts can be confirmed, which can trigger another action for Alert Resolution.


Gives organizations the ability to see alerts in real-time and from the past.

Alert Resolution

Helpful for investigations to specify what was found in the search. Resilience when a problem arises. Helpful for investigations to see front-facing images of all persons coming through the screening portal in real-time.

Officer Check-in


Users can choose audio or silent alarms. Can save Officers across locations or keep them separate. Email alerts and/or reports.

Ease Of Use

Officers register once and never have to touch the system. The tablet has built-in sensors to help identify the person without touching the system.

Check-in Reports

The administration can easily see what is happening with officers. Do they need to staff up as they are too busy or is it something they need assistance with?

Health and Safety

The device uses low-frequency electromagnetic technology, dynamic non-contact detection, and meets EMC electromagnetic radiation standards. It does not harm humans, medical devices like pacemakers, pregnant women, kids, or electronic devices.

Third Party Lab Tested Safety Compliance

  • EN 45502-2-1:2003. (Cardiac pacemakers)
  • EN 45502-2-2:2008. (Implantable defibrillators)
  • ISO 14117:2019. (Cardiac pacemakers, cardioverter defibrillators, cardiac resynchronization devices)
  • ISO 14708-1:2014 (Implants for surgery)
  • ISO 14708-2:2019 (Cardiac pacemakers)
  • ISO 14708-3:2017 (Implantable neurostimulators)
  • ISO 14708-4:2008 (Implantable infusion pumps)
  • ISO 14708-5:2020 (Circulatory support devices)
  • ISO 14708-6:2019 (Implantable tachyarrhythmia treatment devices)
  • ISO 14708-7:2019 (Cochlea implants, auditory brainstem implant systems)
Security Accuracy

Athena Security powered by CEIA is a Groundbreaking Weapons Detection System designed for faster screening of people with their backpacks, purses and bags for the detection of a large variety and number of metallic threats, such as high caliber assault weapons.  


The Weapons Detection System (WDS) is made up of the OPENGATE ® HD active walkthrough metal detector, lidar (optional thermal camera), high resolution visual camera, artificial intelligence technologies, a controller tablet, and a monitor tablet.  The system can be set up indoors or outdoors and easily transported for event security or conveniently situated permanently in an indoor space to run 24/7 security.


The system both adheres to a Federal Standard while also remaining high-throughput and allows both auditory and visual alert options, as seen in the best practices of Homeland Security for WDS.  


The concealed weapons detection system is designed to scan people walking at average walking speed, one at a time, through the CEIA OPENGATE ®  system and toward the Controller tablet. The OverWatch® Feature may send an alert if a person tries to evade the screening process and walks around the columns. The system optionally displays “Clear” if no threat is detected or “Object Detected” if the system detects a potential threat on an individual. Upon potential threat detection, a configurable alarm process is set in motion to improve accountability in secondary screening. The system may also offer configurable workflows to support the Security Officer processing confiscated threat items.

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