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Weapon Detection Product Dimensions and Space Planning

Full description of the Walkthrough Metal Detector and installation specifications, requirements, and more. 


Gun Detection Technology Whitepaper

Long-form description of the technology, including substantial research on use cases, and shooting prevention techniques.


WDS School Brief

Proactive Weapon Screening Solution Brief For Schools



Athena's Concealed Weapons Detection System (WDS) is engineered to detect a wide range of mass casualty threats like handguns, shotguns, and rifles without requiring individuals to stop as they pass through the detector. Furthermore, there is no need to have individuals remove phones, wallets, or other extraneous items from their pockets due to the proprietary multiple-sensor detection method.   

The WDS is made up of:  OPENGATE an HD active metal detection and induction, lidar, (optional thermal camera), a visual camera, artificial intelligence technologies, a controller tablet, and a monitor tablet.  The system can be setup outdoors and easily transported for event security or conveniently situated permanently in an indoor space. 

The system passes the Federal Standard 100% while allowing both auditory and visual alert options as seen in the best practices of Homeland Security for WDS.  

The concealed weapons detection system is designed to scan people walking at normal speed, through the OPENGATE system, and toward the Controler tablet.  The system optionally displays "CLEAR" if no threat is detected, or "Object Detected" if the system detects a potential threat on an individual. Upon potential threat detection, a configurable alarm process is set in motion. 


Protect your employees and customers while saving the one thing you cannot buy.  Athena was started to help save lives. Please join us and let's create a safer world. 

Athena Weapons Detection System


3rd Party integrations that connect to security systems to help your teams run your operations more efficiently.

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Athena's Entryway Security system finds concealed weapons up to ten times faster than legacy metal detectors while helping you automate compliance.



Our system passes the federal standards test from NIJ 0601.02.  This means it catches the weapons 100% of the time when you choose a security standard setting.  With a low false positive rate, you can expect safety without compromise

The Athena Cloud Control Center

Alert notifications can be sent in real-time to a Security Operation Center, mobile phone App, computer-based browser, Video Management System (VMS), Access Control System, and more. The alert system can also be further integrated with other business software.  Most clients choose to send proactive alerts after they have been confirmed by the guards running the system to a predetermined escalation path if someone walks in with a weapon. The alert contains the location, date/time stamp, and image.  

Expect Athena’s System to be a workforce multiplier by improving the operational efficiency of your security team. It is best to use this system as an initial triage, with people walking single file through the checkpoint.  Then, upon an alert, a security professional can do a secondary screening.​

For another layer of security, Athena’s Concealed Weapon Detection can be combined with our natural light gun detection. This looks for brandished guns that are visible and approaching your facility. 

Tech Overview 

The Controler tablet transmits the alert data to the Athena Cloud Control Center which gives you the flexibility to add 3rd parties connections and offers analytics to help you understand your WDS.  The Athena Control Center is made up of:


  •      Real-Time Alerts

  •      Real-Time Alert Resolution

  •      Digitized Incident Reporting

  •      Prompt & Automate Compliance Documentation

  •      Reports and Analytics

  •      Guard Check-In

  •      Enterprise User Management

  •      Pre-built API Integrations

Health and Safety

The device uses low-frequency electro-magnetic technology, dynamic non-contact detection, and meets EMC electromagnetic radiation standards. It does not harm humans, medical devices like pacemakers, pregnant women, kids, or electronic devices.

Third Party Lab Tested Safety Compliance

EN 45502-2-1:2003. (Cardiac pacemakers)

EN 45502-2-2:2008. (Implantable defibrillators)

ISO 14117:2019. (Cardiac pacemakers, cardioverter defibrillators, cardiac resynchronization devices)

ISO 14708-1:2014 (Implants for surgery)

ISO 14708-2:2019 (Cardiac pacemakers)

ISO 14708-3:2017 (Implantable neurostimulators)

ISO 14708-4:2008 (Implantable infusion pumps)

ISO 14708-5:2020 (Circulatory support devices)

ISO 14708-6:2019 (Implantable tachyarrhythmia treatment devices)

ISO 14708-7:2019 (Cochlea implants, auditory brainstem implantsystems)

Security Accuracy 

The default security level 2B sensitivity setting on the system is expected to find mass casualty weapons such as handguns, rifles, shotguns, and many bombs. This default setting passes the Federal Standard NILECJ-STD-0601.00 Level 1 and 2 test 100% of the time. This rigorous testing found the Federally defined target piece (the "AM7", which represents a handgun) 100% of the time, even when placed all over the body and concealed by various types of clothing. 

The customer has the option to change the Security Standard settings according to their threat matrix.  In addition, the sensitivity can be changed up or down according to the use-case and customer goals.  The system uses security levels corresponding to an international standard.  Customers get to consider what the optimal trade-off is. The default setting is to maximize the likelihood of finding the “AM7” type of handgun (or larger style), while also discriminating and not alerting on mobile phones, keys, or common personal items. The sensitivity can be easily increased for added security, however, the nuisance rate of false alarms will likely increase. In terms of the nuisance rate of false alarms, we have observed that in the average crowd, a rate of about 5%. So in a group of about 100 people going through, generally about 5 will set off the alarm (for a range of reasons). 

The Athena Weapons Detection System


This system passes the NILECJ-STD-0601.00 Level 1 and 2 Security Standard.  This means it passes the test with 100% accuracy.   


Athena's Weapons Detection System finds concealed weapons up to ten times faster than legacy metal detectors while helping you automate compliance with real-time alerts.


3rd Party integrations that connect to access control systems, VMS systems to help your teams run your operations more efficiently.


Removing prohibited weapons from your environment improves safety.  Help make the world a safer place with Athena Weapons Detection System.

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