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Security Heroes by Athena Security

In a world full of negative news the goal of this podcast is to shed some light on the positive and to recognize and give attention to the people who are the true Heroes in society. I am Lisa Falzone your Security Heroes podcast host. Our aim, connects listeners to real-life heroes in the security world. We explore the challenges and successful strategies of these heroic figures to resolve issues which unravel under highly stressful conditions. Sponsored by Athena Security.

Lisa Falzone Unicorn

Lisa Falzone

Co-Founder and President of Athena Security

“That’s one of the disappointing things we see in organisations is that there’s usually the funding for security and new security tech or more security personnel after the incident. So it’s like how to convince organisations to […] put these things proactively in place so we can prevent it”.


This is a very informative podcast about security! Such a great listen!

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